As part of its mission to use theatre to provide opportunities for community involvement, Hub Theatre Group, along with its mental health partners, created a program to introduce the show and explore issues and challenges of those suffering from bipolar disorder in our community. This event also included a staged reading of "Voices From Lubbock and Beyond" written by Bob Chanda inspired by research and local interviews. A staged reading of this piece preceded most performances of "Next to N0rmal."

"Next To Normal" Community Event and "Voices From Lubbock and Beyond"

Hub Theatre Group was proud to be one of the first nonprofessional theatre companies to have acquired the rights to the powerful and compelling musical "Next to Normal," the acclaimed show that had just left Broadway and finished its tour. This powerful Tony and Pulitzer Prize winning musical deals with a family struggling to cope with enormous challenges.

 Despite the compellingly serious nature of the material, the story is pushed forward by an extraordinary rock musical score and strong characters that leave room for tragedy, laughter and, ultimately, hope.

 Directed by Bob Chanda with Francisco Rendon musical directing, the show included a stellar cast of accomplished artists: Paula Chanda, Claire Bryan, Katy Baker, Emma Lehtinen, Layne Kight, Stephen Velasquez and Travis Burge.

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