Hub Theatre Group was pleased to have performed Scottish playwright David Harrower's Blackbird, winner of the Laurence Olivier Award in London for Best New Play in 2007 September 7-9 and 15-16, 2017. The play marked the Hub directorial debut of award winning director, Paula Chanda. Bob Chanda played Ray, Melissa Miller played Una and Allison Enderson played the Girl.

Ray is a 55 year old man that is approached by a 27 year old woman at his place of work. This is not a random encounter and we learn that many years earlier when the woman was a young minor, the man had committed sexual acts with her for which he was sent to jail. During the course of the play they relive that shared experience in a surprising, difficult and intense narrative that never let's the audience off the hook or indulges in easy answers.


This play is controversial and as such fit into the mission of Hub Theatre Group to focus on theatre that exposes the human condition. This play has been described in reviews with terms such as "anguished" and "harrowing" and addresses the topic of sexual abuse in an uncompromising fashion giving us uncomfortable moments of insight into these two people and the awful truths that bind them together. In some senses, the play strips away our black and white veneer of understanding and forces us to accept that tragic circumstances often come into being where and how we least expect them. 


​After the Saturday evening performances of Blackbird (Sept. 9 and 16), there were panel discussions and audience talk back over issues raised by the play.  The play was not meant to be therapeutic, but the issues are so important in this community that we felt a chance to discuss the issues openly was of prime importance.


Saturday September 9- Mary Infante from the Child Advocacy Center of the South Plains and James Atkinson from the Center for Superheroes

Saturday September 16- Terri Sanchez from the Child Advocacy Center of the South Plains and Dr. Michael Gomez from the Center for Superheroes


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