Hub Theatre Group announces auditions for its upcoming plays. The two plays represent an opportunity for actors to tell stories in interesting, challenging and unique ways. Interested actors should email: to set up an audition time.

Constellations is a story that can be found at the intersection of evolving relationships and the physics of multiverses with a unique structure that challenges actors and audiences but serves to underline the humanity of love and fragility of existence. This play will be produced late August, early September.

Small Mouth Sounds is an experimental piece that challenges the actor by asking the actor to tell a story in silence. If acting is at its heart the elucidation of human action, this piece allows actors to find new ways to communicate on stage. This play will be produced mid to late-summer.

NOTE: All actors receive a stipend. In addition, to get just the right actors, we will set exact performance dates working around our actors' availability.



Maryanne and Roland appear onstage and we see their relationship develop. Very quickly the audience is introduced to a variety of possibilities that exist for these two people as Payne explores love and loss across multiple realities allowing the audience to explore those realities with the characters onstage. Free will, destiny, tragedy, relativity and quantum physics meet in this unique but genuinely human story.


Maryanne, a physicist deeply interested in things such as quantum mechanics, string theory and mulitverses. Struggling with a diagnosis a malignant brain tumor.


Six city dwellers descend on a retreat in the woods, a retreat that requires them to be silent. These people try desperately to maintain a therapeutic silence while feeling the need to find connection and resolution in their lives. The play asks us to take this unusual, often humorous, compassionate and emotionally moving journey with the characters and suggests that we can find compelling human stories and revelation in silence. This 2016 Critics’ Pick (The New York Times, New York Magazine, Time Out New York) was written by Drama Desk Award winner BESS WOHL (Pretty Filthy). The New York Times says, “It leaves you moved, refreshed and even enlightened.” The Huffington Post calls it “a play unlike any other.” And Variety calls it “flawless.”


Judy-  A type-A, liberal, lesbian, she likes control. Recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she is seeking control of her life. She is madly in love with Joan, her partner.

Alicia- from Southern California, she was a child actor and beauty pageant star. Most recently in a national commercial, she loves being recognized. Still in the midst of a somewhat abusive relationship,  she’s looking for something- or somebody- to make her feel okay again.

Ned-  has had a run of bad luck that is worse than the worst country-western song. Falling while rock climbing and cracking his skull in 8 places, having his identity stolen, his house burned down and his wife is now with his younger brother- and that’s just the short list.

Rodney- fit, ageless, yoga instructor. He is married to a woman who also teaches yoga (and finances his yoga empire). He met his wife when she was his student (he’s had sexual relations with quite a few of his students and had to leave his last studio due to sexual harassment). Underneath he’s afraid of aging and death.

Jan- Older man, from a small town in Finland. He is sweet with a curious air about him. He is a pastor at a small Lutheran church back in Finland. He’s on a one year sabbatical to explore religious life around the world. He came to religion late in life after losing his son to a prolonged illness when he was only six. He is hoping this retreat will have an answer for him.

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