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By William Kerns

"'Night Mother" -- I have seen the play only three times. Comparisons do not fit here, but I will say that I never have seen this beautifully written play performed any better than it is now by Paula Chanda and Jane Prince Jones.

This is a tight, compactly-written, two-character play centering on one Friday night shared by a mother and daughter at home -- and this particular production is so well-acted that many patrons will be unable to leave until after they sit quietly and locate all the pieces of their heart.
That is, until after they regain their composure, wipe away tears and can walk out and say "Good show" to the actors, even though they realize it is much, much more.

This is a Hub Theater production at the Underwood Center, very reasonably priced, a one-act presentation less than two hours in length.
It is one of the year's most astonishing, moving, touching and powerful theatrical presentations in Lubbock.

Do yourself and your friends a favor -- take everyone you know -- (you won't want to see it alone anyway) -- and support Hub Theater Group by seeing "'Night Mother" next weekend.

I doubt that anyone will, or can, soon forget this production.

Posted: October 20, 2008

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"Please convey my warm appreciation to Chief Cooper, the firefighters of Lubbock, the Chandas, and the wonderful folks behind the scenes at the Hub Theater Group. I wish I could be there in person, but I will certainly be there in spirit."
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