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Hub Theatre Group’s Newest Production Honors and Raises Money for Area Fire Fighters and First Responders

Hub Theatre Group Presents The Guys, a September 11 drama

(Lubbock, TX)- Hub Theatre Group has announced its production of Anne Nelson’s The Guys, a play about the aftermath of the events of September 11, and its use of the play to draw attention to and honor local firefighters and first responders. Hub Theatre Group will dedicate the run of this play to the men and women of the Lubbock Fire and Police Departments and other local first responders and a portion of tickets sales will be used to raise money for the Lubbock Regional Public Safety Memorial. In addition, Hub Theatre Group will hold a gala event prior to its show on September 11 to formally honor the memory of deceased firefighters Sonny Campbell and Audie Houston.

The Guys is a play about a New York City Fire Captain that lost 8 men on September 11 and must write eulogies for them even though their bodies have not been recovered. He approaches a writer hoping she can help him in this task. During their time together the two help each other confront and deal with their grief. Bob Chanda, Executive Director of Hub Theatre Group and who will be playing the Fire Captain, explains that “this play is about those who are willing to and do give their lives for us so that we can feel safe; I felt as if it was important to recognize our debt to these people in our community as we do the play. It’s a play about people like them who made the ultimate sacrifice.” Director Steve Wood agrees that the play is likely to “serve as a moment of reflection for the people of Lubbock, as a way to think about our men and women who serve our communities.”

A portion of the proceeds from the play, which runs September 4,5,11, 2009 and 12 at and September 6 at at the LouiseHopkinsUnderwoodCenter for the Arts in the Firehouse Theatre, will go to the Lubbock Regional Public Safety Memorial. The Memorial is being built to honor firefighters, law enforcement and EMS personnel that have lost their lives in the line of duty. The Memorial will also serve as a tribute to those in our community that continue to work on a daily basis to protect the public.

The September 11 performance of the The Guys will be preceded by a commemorative event during which Fire Chief Rhea Cooper will formally honor the memory of Sonny Campbell and Audie Houston. Sonny Campbell served in the Lubbock Fire Department for over 20 years before his death on October 30, 1995. Audie Houston served in the Lubbock Fire Department for 12 years before his death on January 12, 1990.

Chanda notes that “sometimes in the arts we have the opportunity to do something truly meaningful, I feel that way about this play; September 11 was a watershed moment in our history; people remember where they were on that day and coming to terms with what happened was a collective experience for us during which, like the characters in the play, we shared pain, grief and ultimately…hope.”

Tickets for the play are now on sale and can be purchased by calling (806) 577-7441.



Bob Chanda

Executive Director of Hub Theatre Group

Tel: (806) 438-4915