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Next to Normal: The Show


Hub Theatre Group was proud to be one of the first nonprofessional theatre companies to have acquired the rights to the powerful and compelling musical "Next to Normal," the acclaimed show that had just left Broadway and finished its tour. This powerful Tony and Pulitzer Prize winning musical deals with a family struggling to cope with enormous challenges. DSC_9200.JPG


Diana Goodman seems to have it all. She has a loving husband, Dan, and an over-achieving, ambitious young daughter, Natalie. But from the opening of the show it is clear that this family is anything but ordinary. Diana struggles with her bipolar disorder and the death of her infant son. Her struggles are shared by family members dealing not only with the present consequences of her disease, but with their own difficulties.


DSC_9205.JPGDespite the compellingly serious nature of the material, the story is pushed forward by an extraordinary rock musical score and strong characters that leave room for tragedy, laughter and, ultimately, hope.


Directed by Bob Chanda with Francisco Rendon musical directing, the show included a stellar cast of accomplished artists: Paula Chanda, Claire Bryan, Katy Baker, Emma Lehtinen, Layne Kight, Stephen Velasquez and Travis Burge.






In order to educate as well as entertain, Hub Theatre Group aligned with MHMR and other mental health organizations (TrustPoint; UMC; and Covenant) to use the exciting rock musical to give voice to those in our community who often suffer in silence and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

To that end, on April 6, MHMR and Hub Theatre Group presented "Next to Normal: Arts and the Community." This First Friday Art Trail Event took place at the Helen Devitt Jones Auditorium at the TexasTechMuseum. The focus of the event was to raise awareness for the show and for those people in the community that struggle with the challenges of bipolar disorder.

The program featured songs from the show; a staged reading of a performance piece called "Voices from Lubbock and Beyond" to bring unheard voices to an audience and speakers in the mental health education field.

The event was a great success and we are grateful to the TexasTechMuseum, our sponsors and all the wonderful people that came to the event.

A special thanks to author and mental health advocate Julie Hersh for her support and sending us a videotaped message for the event.